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Jack Kirby Art & Print Package #9 Special Edition

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These packages will include prints of never-before-seen or rare artwork including the most popular Kirby creations. Each care package will also have something for you to use as a keepsake, including items owned by Jack and correspondence between Jack and his collaborators.  My hope is that over time, you’ll acquire enough items to have a small History of Comics area, space, or scrapbook in your home. 

Our 9th package is one you won’t want to miss!  It contains items owned by Jack, as well as a limited Jack Kirby centennial Mosaic print.  Included items are below.

Two actual Kamandi photostats from the 1970s that were owned by Jack.  These stats are one-of-a-kind. (What's a photostat? A photostat was a xerox copy that Jack made of his artwork so he had a copy of it in the event he sold the original art, or needed to look back easily on early plot points.  These are very rare and usually one-of-a-kind.)

Two beautiful large 11x17 mosaic prints that were created for celebrating Jack’s centennial. These were limited in numbers.  

A Jack Kirby Comic (Topps comic, Captain Victory, Silver Star or other).

A Jack Kirby Bumper Sticker

A Demon OR Orion print.  These very rare prints were created in the early 1970s for a comic con to promote Jack's new DC books.  These often sell for $50 each and are the originals, not a reprint. Due to limited availability you will receive one or the other.

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