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Jack Kirby Art & Print Package #8

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These packages will include prints of never-before-seen or rare artwork including the most popular Kirby creations. Each care package will also have something for you to use as a keepsake, including items owned by Jack and correspondence between Jack and his collaborators.  My hope is that over time, you’ll acquire enough items to have a small History of Comics area, space, or scrapbook in your home. 

Our 8th package explores Jack's love of Norse Mythology.  When Jack left Marvel, he thought about recreating the Norse mythology characters over at DC.  He eventually decided on creating his New Gods instead of rehashing out Thor, but created some new Norse Warriors before doing so.  Included items are below.

Jack's Four full color Norse Warrior Prints.  Measuring 11x17

A classic Odin and Loki Print from Jack's anniversary book for his wife, Roz.

A copy of Jack's concept for a "Return of the Gods" Television show